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thriver thriver (noun:a happy, self-confident and productive individual who believes that she has a prosperous life ahead; primed to follow her dreams). My adventure is beyond that of a survivor. Life is more.  Knowing I...


help kat sigh

My hand is up. Hi, I’m Kat Rodgers and I need your help! Even if you didn’t know of my adventure until now, I know am I loved. Thank you, your strength has been...


my sigh

by kat rodgers I want to sigh again. What is a sigh? That feeling when you don’t look over a double diamond lip and just go. That feeling when the rigging is humming and...



by kat rodgers The first step in training is one more step. With cancer my first step was to get up and take control of my health. “At the end of every day, what...


cancer is a thief

by kat rodgers Cancer is a thief. Cancer directs your life and dominates your thoughts, body and time.  Cancer steals your joy and innocence. It may slowly creep into your life, or explode into...


my cancer story

The only thing cancer stories have in common is their title. This is my story. Before I start, thank you. Throughout my battle, my family and friends are holding me up. I am loved...