A duck, a dog and crocs

A duck, a dog and crocs.

ceiliby kat rodgers
No duck, dog or Kat were harmed.

The dog didn’t listen.  She chased Mr Duck for all he was worth.  It was 6:30 am, and Ceili was off leash walking back from her morning pee.  The Mr Duck and Younger Mr were hanging out between our house and the neighbors.  Normally I either call her back or distract her to ignore them.  She’s allowed to chase squirrels and loves it.  Ducks, however have led her astray in the past.  They had always swam or flown away, either faster than the dog could go.

Ceili gave me a side eye and took off after the pair of male muscovy ducks. Yes, we feed the ducks and he was a bit bottom heavy… Who knew a Great Dane/Golden Retriever could catch a duck in flight!

When she was laying down and I could see a wing poking out from under her, I picked up my pace. Luckily I fell and distracted the dog.  The duck squirted out and went through the fence.   She ran around the fence looking for him.  Luckily we have a sight hound.  If she can’t see it, it’s not there.

I was in Crocs, running on uneven ground, so going down wasn’t a surprise.  BUT, I made an effort to break my fall! Till now, falling was with a body that fell down as if I was clipped into bike pedals. You go down, straight down, and it’s going to hurt. Not today, I realized I was going down and did a bad version of tuck and roll. To top it off, afterwards, I stood with using only my knee.  I didn’t have to call the dog over!  Not that her listening pants were on!

The moral of the story. Don’t think that the command LEAVE IT works, no matter how loud and how many times you say it.

Gotta love bird dogs!

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