my cancer story

The only thing cancer stories have in common is their title. This is my story.

Before I start, thank you. Throughout my battle, my family and friends are holding me up. I am loved and there was never a question.

My journey is like a staircase. Plateaus until I’m able to take the next step. I chose not to allow cancer, and it’s the hammer to beat on me. You fight with what tools you are given. Positivity is my weapon.

This is a hard story to tell and will take a bit of time. My mind right now thrives in tangents. I’m using that and creating lots of stories. I’ll flesh out the stories and let you know once I have a complete story by sharing it to Facebook.

Thanks for your patience and love.

my cancer story

by kat rodgers

Cancer is like a gator. You tangle with one, the potential of getting out unscathed is slim.

I thought I was doing pretty good in June 2017. Taking yoga classes at least 3 times a week, eating well.  I didn’t feel right and knew it was something, so I went to the hospital. I don’t remember much of the next two weeks.

I was automatically admitted and the Dr.s first thought was something was wrong with my aorta.  Luckily they didn’t follow that since my blood was really thin. My mother called Miss Debbie Marlowe and my cousin Janie.

And there they were. It still amazes me people willingly go to the hospital to visit. I hate it and did not want to subject anyone else to it. My family never listens, they show up and I love them.

My next clear moment was in the ICU of Tampa General Hospital. My hands were bound and I had gloves on. Not the way to come down from drugs. I admit I was rude to the nurse, Ryan. (of course he knows Chicken and I have since apologized.) That panic moment was even better. I wasn’t allowed to go pee. Ryan wasn’t budging either.  No, he couldn’t untie me, and I didn’t have to get up and go pee.

Finally, I could wash my hands.  Camping prepared me.  I was fine as long as my hands and face were clean.  The rest, I could ignore for the moment.

I learned why I was tied up. I was allergic to some drug they were giving me. I’d been scratching the hole in my neck and my dialysis wound.

The quandary which is dialysis. I don’t remember, and I’m good with that. Another battle my body fought and won. The scar is the only reminder needed.

This is all before I was on my cancer treatment path. For the past couple of weeks, my body was struggling to survive. I’ll go with that and not remembering that time.

Positivity is how I am thriving. I can only control my own actions. I am working towards my best health. Life is precious and can be fleeting. I am determined to embrace as many moments as possible!

When I was finally given a room. The cancer wing in TGH is a busy place with a problem. Noncancer patients are taking the rooms away from those who can only be in cancer wards.

I had no roommates. On the chemo regimen I was on, you have to be placed in a single room. A step in the prevention of any random germs attacking.

TGH cancer wing rooms have a great view of Tampa Bay. If I couldn’t be outside, I could see it in all its glory. The storms rolling in were something to watch. Then there was this sailboat that I hope was part of a school. Who would only tack back and forth across the channel when you have the bay within view?

My next memory was the fellow (medical fellow) coming to my room and asking me what day it was. Not just the day of the week, but the date. This went on for a couple of days. She was determined, but I made friends with my tech Shelby. I mentioned to Shelby how was I supposed to know what day it was when they all ran together. She pointed to the white board in my room. Day and date there big as day, and they changed it every morning.

Shelby became my hero when she if I wanted to take a shower. Who knew all it took was for me to ask.

My hospital stay was dependent on my blood. I couldn’t keep my hemoglobins above 300. 1,000 was the goal. 10,000 is a minimum for a healthy person. I was given blood, and platelets to help grow my blood stronger.

Chemo was the cause, and my only job was to build stronger blood. It’s not something you can hope better. Not that I didn’t do plenty of that.

I had a student doctor come to my room every morning at least by 5 am. I wasn’t sleeping so time wasn’t an issue. At first, he was another one who would ask me questions. One time he asked me if I had any questions.

It was maybe 3 weeks into my adventure when I had my — moment. I woke with the feeling of a cat was sitting on my chest. (My sister in law believes it was her cat visiting.) It was my moment of finally finding pure peace, that moment of perfection.

That was my starting point for healing. I was in charge. The cancer was something that could be beaten. Everyday Student would tell me something about what was happening to me, and then ask me the next day what we had talked about.

There are wonderful doctors out there. Of course, there are. I had some great doctors. Thank you.

Any donation big or small is considered a blessing and much appreciated. YOU are loved!

I know WTH.

I’m defining my life again. I am a thriver who needs some help. I’m working on my story daily and will post the stories once I get the thoughts completed. Want watch mind work in tangents? my stories

I raise my hand and ask for help.

Even if you didn’t know of my adventure until now, I know am I loved. Thank you, your strength has been guiding me.

Please spread the word. I am grateful beyond words for the generosity. I am excited for the time I will be able to pay it forward.

Any donation big or small is considered a blessing and much appreciated. YOU are loved!

When I write, some situations recall other moments from my past.  Names in ( ) represent that memory, if you don’t want to be included, let me know.

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