my sigh

my sigh

by kat rodgers

I want to sigh again.

What is a sigh?

That feeling when you don’t look over a double diamond lip and just go.

That feeling when the rigging is humming and the sails are perfectly trimmed.

That feeling when you hit a perfect stop.

That feeling when you hit your stride.

That feeling looking up at the summer stars and the beauty of the moment stops everything.

That feeling when you are overwhelmed with love.

A sigh for me today?

Walking almost 2 miles a day. It’s not pretty, but I’m outside and making my body stronger

Bursts of brilliance lasting longer all the time.

Retaining those clever moments longer.

I’m defining my life again. I am a thriver.
I’m working on my story daily and will post the stories once I get the thoughts completed.
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