thriver (noun:a happy, self-confident and productive individual who believes that she has a prosperous life ahead; primed to follow her dreams).

My adventure is beyond that of a survivor. Life is more.  Knowing I am loved as I take one step more.

The logo :
heart = love;
triskelion = celtic symbol meaning tells a story of forward motion in the endeavor to reach understanding


I know WTH.

I’m defining my life again. I am a thriver who needs some help. I’m working on my story daily and will post the stories once I get the thoughts completed. Want watch mind mind work in tangents? my stories

I raise my hand and ask for help.

Even if you didn’t know of my adventure until now, I know am I loved. Thank you, your strength has been guiding me.

Please spread the word. I am grateful beyond words for the generosity. I am excited for the time I will be able to pay it forward.

Any donation big or small is considered a blessing and much appreciated. YOU are loved!Kat’s goFundme Page: <>

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How much is it worth? That’s up to you!
EVERY amount donated is needed.
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